Boom | Spalted Maple

Crazy. Good. Bass.

The Boom is a one-of-a-kind open baffle subwoofer crafted from a solid slab of spalted maple.

The Boom is unlike any commercially available subwoofer. The open baffle design produces clean and natural sounding lows. The dipole effect helps tame the peaks and troughs in frequency response caused by room modes. The result is smooth and even bass throughout the listening room.

For any HiFi or home theater setup, we believe that a quality subwoofer is necessary to complete the sonic picture. The Boom is one of the most musical and articulate subs around.

We use the Acoustic Elegance IB18HT driver with the premium Apollo upgrade option.

While prototyping the Boom, we tried several high-end subwoofer drivers in the 12"-18" size range. The Acoustic Elegance IB18HT stood out from the crowd thanks to its high sensitivity, low-end reach and clean, powerful sound. In our listening tests, it was the clear winner.

The SpeakerPower SP1-700-HTB is a powerful 700 watt subwoofer amplifier, designed and assembled here in California.

The Boom requires a large amount of power because dipole bass is very inefficient. The SpeakerPower is designed for sustained high-power operation. It exerts excellent control over the 18" driver.

We use a large 10mH of inductance to counteract the dipole rolloff effect. We target a flat bass response above 60hz with a slow and natural-sounding rolloff below 60hz.

Acoustic Elegance IB18HT w/ Apollo upgrade 18” subwoofer 4ohm

SpeakerPower SP1-700-HTB Standalone Amplifier 700 watts, with 10hz high pass filter and +6db 20hz EQ boost

10mH inductance for ~60hz low pass first order filtering, to counteract dipole rolloff

Solid spalted maple slab, finished with 5 coats of 100% pure Tung oil

Approx 22” wide X 35.5” tall X 18” deep (including legs)

95% wool firm felt padding on bottom

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