Spirit | Maple

An open baffle loudspeaker hand-crafted from solid maple slabs with top-shelf drivers and a simple crossover network.

The Spirit is a milestone in our pursuit of authentic sound reproduction and authentic beauty.

These speakers have a huge, vivid sound. They have plentiful bass, revealing mids and smooth highs. They are musical and can handle any genre, achieving a high level of overall realism.

The solid maple slabs are sustainably sourced and minimally processed in order to reflect the natural beauty of the wood, defects and all. They are finished with multiple coats of hand-rubbed 100% pure tung oil.

The Eton 29HD2 is one of our all-time favorite tweeters. It features a 28mm magnesium-ceramic dome. It strikes the perfect balance between detail and smoothness. This tweeter has a rich and non-fatiguing sound that blends perfectly with the midrange.
The Eton Arcosia 7-218 is an incredible 7" woofer. It features an anodized magnesium cone which is perforated and covered with an olefin film to dampen the breakup modes.

Having used and listened to the Arcosia drivers for some time, we are completely convinced of the benefits of this cone technology. It has the detail and clarity of a metallic cone along with a wide bandwidth of usable frequencies, which is rarely the case with metal-cone drivers. This allows us to use a high crossover frequency and shallow-sloped filter.

Vocals come through with great realism. Spatial imaging is top-notch. We love this driver.

The Aurum Cantus AC300/75C2C is a 12" woofer with a carbon fiber sandwich cone. In the Spirit, we use it, along with the 18" subwoofer, for supplemental bass.

The AC300 is a very clean-sounding and neutral driver.

We searched for a driver that could add more body to drums, electric guitars and double bass, without coloring the sound. We tried several drivers in the 7"-12" size range for this role and the Aurum Cantus was the best of the bunch.

The Peerless by Tymphany FSL-1830R06-08 is a massive 18" pro paper cone subwoofer driver. This driver is perfect in dipole speakers. It can handle the lowest frequencies effortlessly. We think this driver is a real hidden gem.
The Spirit has an unusual crossover. Essentially, it is 2.5-way design.

The Arcosia woofer and tweeter operate as a two-way speaker inspired by the Acoustic Reality crossover. This is a capacitor-free first-order series crossover. It is highly transparent with great transient response.

The 12" and 18" woofers supplement the bass in parallel. A massive 12.5mH of inductance is used as a low-pass filter for the bass drivers, with a 50hz cutoff frequency (nominal). The low cutoff frequency is designed to counteract the dipole rolloff, resulting in flat frequency response in the upper bass region.

The Arcosia woofer and tweeter are massively attenuated. As a result, this is an inefficient speaker, but has great bass extension.

The crossover is housed in an external enclosure hand-crafted from solid maple.

Four-driver passive open baffle design.

Solid maple baffle made from a large sustainably sourced live-edge slab.

External crossover in a solid walnut enclosure.

Point-to-point wired crossover network containing just inductors and resistors - no capacitors.

Eton HD Magnesium/Ceramic 28mm Tweeter, with 4250 hz (nominal) first-order high-pass filter (6db/octave).

Eton Arcosia 7” Magnesium composite woofer, with 4250 hz (nominal) first-order low-pass filter (6db/octave).

Aurum Cantus AC300 12” carbon fiber woofer, with 50hz (nominal) first-order low-pass filter (6db/octave).

Massive Peerless 18” pro subwoofer, with 50hz (nominal) first-order low pass filter (6db/octave).

Tweeter and mid are wired in series for improved transient response. They are attenuated, trading off efficiency for improved bass extension. The 12” and 18” woofers are wired in parallel for additional bass.

Massive binding posts accept up to 4awg speaker wire or banana plugs.

Finished with multiple coats of hand-rubbed 100% pure tung oil to accentuate the wood’s natural beauty.

Approximate speaker dimensions: 30" (width) x 50" (height) x 18" (deep, including legs).

Speaker weight: 94 lbs (each)

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