Loudspeakers by Greg Prisament
Our speakers are a tribute to the natural beauty of wood and the transcendent power of music.
Our bespoke designs are handcrafted in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We specialize in open baffle loudspeakers made from solid wood slabs.
Compared to other speaker types, we prefer open baffles for their vivid and naturally uncolored sound.
We design a custom crossover circuit for every speaker.
We believe that minimalism is the key to transparency. Our crossovers are point-to-point wired and capacitor-free. We often use just one resistor and one inductor per transducer.
We listen a lot. We spend hundreds of hours listening to a wide range of music as we compare drivers, tweak crossovers, and evaluate complete speakers.
We finish the slabs with 100% pure tung oil to accentuate the wood's natural beauty.
Our designs achieve a level of sonic bliss that few speakers can match.
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At this time Natur is just a hobby, so we cannot take commisions from the general public. In special circumstances, we may take on new projects for friends, family and famous people.
Spirit | maple
Four driver open baffle loudspeaker crafted from a solid maple slab.
Boom | spalted maple
One-of-a-kind open baffle subwoofer made from a spalted maple slab.
Wind | walnut
Three driver in-wall speaker crafted from a solid walnut slab.
Wind II uses a BlieSMa aluminium-magnesium dome tweeter.
Wind I uses an Eton air motion transformer tweeter.